• Who We Are

    So who exactly are we?

    When people ask us, our answer's always the same: . Not nuclear physics, right? Started in 2015, our founders put together a group of pro folks who genuinely wanted to work for the customer (that's you!) first. If you're new to us, check out why we're the best in the business. The best price, period. It starts with cost. Let's face it, you want the best Computer Repair but you don't want to pay through the nose for it. We've got you covered! Cheap in cost, but not in service. Everything we do is built around our year-after-year low prices. Our bread and butter is being really good at what we do, without also costing more than the competition. So spread the word... Affordability and quality don't have to be at odds. It didn't take us long to figure out that when you put the two together, you get a very happy customer. We've always been the cost-effective alternative you can trust and rely on, and that's why people come back to us time and time again. If you like what we do, tell your friends and family, and let us know as well: by phone at (877) 998-6886, or you can write us at [email protected].

    If you're new to us, check out why we're the best in the business & view our certifications below.



    BICSI Technician

    Cisco CCT*

    CompTIA A+

    CompTIA Server+

    C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP)

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

    Why Choose Us

    • Customer Service. Your situation is important to us and we assure you that we understand your needs completely. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your needs.
    • Professionalism.Good relations with customers is key for any successful cooperation. We develop long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our experience in web design, programming, databases, network management, computer repair, sales and informatics will give you the right solution. We are bound to high standards and we guarantee high quality of service at a competitive price.
    • Passion. We love what we do. We are not a marketing company that sells the same low quality products again and again to their customers. The Internet is a wonderful technology that brings people together and we love working with every one of our clients. You won't find a more dedicated professional company that pays so much attention to your interests.
    • We come to youIf you don’t want to deal with pulling all the cables out of your computer and dragging it to a computer shop, we can ease your burden. If you’re in our services area, we can show up on your front door ready to fix your computer!
  • Services overview

    Computer Repair

    This includes but isn't limited to remove all viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware. Repair operating system issues including boot issues and blue screens. Perform advanced virus removal, antivirus and anti malware software included. Complete computer clean up which is including updates and detailed virus scans and more!

    Hardware Repair & Replacement.

    Another serices we offer is hardware repair. We investigate the cause of the hardware issue and repair it and if it cant be repaired we completly replace the component

    Advanced Virus Removal

    Remove all viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware Repair operating system issues including boot issues and blue screens Advanced Virus Removal Antivitus and Anti Malware software included Complete computer cleaning up including updates and detailed virus scans and more!

    We guarantee our work.

    If ANYTHING goes wrong with a repair we’ve done, we’ll happily fix it. We may not be tall, but we stand proudly behind everything we do. Our duty to you doesn’t end when we complete the job. We want to make you so happy with our service that you have to tell someone else about us. The person behind you in line at the grocery store, your favorite bank teller, a random passerby on the street… we aren’t picky!

  • About Prices

    Low Price Guarantee

    How do you know that you are always getting the best price for your repair services? Because A&M Computer Repair offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing. All you have to do is provide a local ad showing the repair price, and we will beat the price by $5!

    special offer

    Multiple Device Discount

    Receive a percentage off your total when you have more then one device that needs servicing by us.

    Price List

    Computer Repair
    $ 40.00 - 120.00
    Virus Removal
    $ 10.00 - 20.00
    Android Device Repair
    $ 50.00 - 200.00
    Advanced System Cleanup
    $ 15.00 - 20.00
    Advanced Virus Removal
    $ 15.00 - 30.00
    Printer Repair
    $ 10.00 - 200.00
    Tablet Repair
    $ 30.00 - 250.00
    Water Damage Repair
    $ 100.00 - 200.00
    $ 3.50 - 5.00
    Website Construction
    $ 40.00 - 200.00
    Even more
  • About Support

    We're looking forward to you getting to know A&M Computer Repair.

    Our staff is dedicated to giving you reliable and fast customer service. Because we're recognized as a hidden gem business, we have an important set of standards – and we're known for offering low prices.

    Additional Information

    We are here for you, the customer.

    A&M Computer Repair got started because We aim to fix your computer, laptop, phone or other equipment at the best possible price, with the best possible service in the best possible time. We only use new, high quality parts to repair your devices. We support both home and small business users with anything from Virus infections, broken screens, network problems to data recovery and many things in between.

    View support Options

    Safe programs and tips

    We will provide antivirus if you dont have it and we will also speed up your device and show you ways to protect your devices and safe guard them from virus and malware.

    Remote Customer Support

    We also provide remote customer support so we can even further provide additional support for you.

    Tutorials and programs to keep you safe.

    We believe that knowledge is key to help solve, minimize & preventing damage to your device so we will stive our best to locate the problem and find the solution no matter what it takes.

    Extended Live Chat support

    We believe that being avaible to assist you whenever we can so even if our office is closed we are still here to help.

  • More

    We provide On-Site, In-Store/In-House, and Remote/Online Tech Support for Computer Fixes and Software Repair and Specialize in Laptop Repair.

    Computer Hardware Troubleshooting, PC Software Issues, Virus Removal, PC Tune-Ups, Data Recovery, and more.

    We repair all makes and models of laptops and desktops. We do recommend to double check your warranty status before having anyone do work on your machine. If you are not sure how to find out about your warranty, then give us a call and we will help, and at no charge.

    When we repair your desktop or laptop we will always let you know what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. We also always take the time to have you understand about preventative maintenance measures. (i.e. Backups, PC Tune-ups, AntiVirus, etc.) We want our customers to be educated and not have to pay for costly service calls. We definitely do things a bit different here.